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LucMathlin A posted Jan 1, 70
Welcome to Evolution Gaming

We pride ourselves on having some of the best game servers in the world, run by an international team of dedicated hardworking staff members and filled with even harder playing community members.


Useful LinksDownloadsOwners
Server List Luc Mathlin
Rules ZKB1325
Teamspeak - ts3.evo-life.net USA Mirror #2 (West Coast) 'arry
AddonSync Tutorial http://USA-2.evo-addons.net/islandlife/repo.7z Woods
Steam Group Europe Mirror #1

Server Issues

Woods A$100 posted Thu at 12:56  -  IssuesServerTeamspeak

Server News

We are currently having some issues with our server box, our dedicated support team (Luc) has been dispatched with a full flask of tea and some chocolate biscuits and we hope to have the issue resolved soon.

In the mean time please check the forums and member chat for people putting up temp Teamspeaks.

All IGR issues should be directed to Player Reports and Staff Feedback.

Juup-Schram $100 SCHRAM.XS4ALL.NL <- Temp. TS with music! (Dope D.O.D. - Rocket (Official Video))
Connor $50 Go for the training server aswell while your at it!
Bruce Chainz $50 Good stuff Woods and Luc

The ILPD needs YOU!

Woods A$100 posted May 14, 15  -  FieldRecruitmentTraining


Have you ever wanted to help new officers? Have you ever thought "If only there was more trained officers"?

Well now you can join the Elite ILPD Training Team. We are having a special recruitment event this month so now is the perfect time to join us.

For more information and to find out how to apply check out this link: 


elitesniperkiller I APPLIED YAH!!!
Nick $25 **Wishes could apply**
Rick Grimes $10 I applied a week early!!!

Your new Head of Staff

Woods A$100 posted May 7, 15  -  BluePromotionStaffVote

Head of Staff Blue

So the polls have closed and it was a total whitewash with the results!

With many people pointing to a fix and others crying into the wads of money Blue gave them, its official, our new Head of Staff is Blue!

ENN were able to grab a quick word with him while he was posing for his portrait and statue and he had this to say;

Hello Evolution Gaming,

Getting accepted into this new position, and voted for by the community is a great honor. I give a huge to thanks to those who all voted on the polls, and gave their voice towards a large decision in the community! I am excited to accept this new position on the staff team, and will work tirelessly to make sure that the team is running smoothly!

- Blue

Please join us in bowing down to our new overlord...I mean congratulating Blue on his promotion and wishing him the best of luck.

TrendyTheSlendy $100 I like bubble butts
Cheesemuffin $25 Bribes were not only accepted but encouraged
Woods A$100 It seems someone (most likely my wife) changed it before I pressed publish and I didn't notice lol

Sullet's Retirement

Woods A$100 posted Apr 22, 15  -  NewsRetirement

Sullets Retirement

This week we sadly said goodbye to one of our owners, whose work over the years has been key to Evo's success.

Sullet has been here since the beginning and has work day and night to get us to where we are today and I know the community will join us in saying a big thank you.

When asked for a statement Sullet was busy livestreaming himself making a little doll, not sure what that is all about wink

When he had finished he gave this statement:

"Life has got very busy and I can no longer perform my duties as an owner at this current time, I barely have enough time for gaming as it is. I loved being owner and will still being around on the inter webs to play games from time to time" - Sullet

We all look forward to contiuning to have fun playing online with him and watching him do random things in his kitchen!

Khanviction $50 he was shit at this game anyway
LucMathlin A who the fuck is this sullet bloke anyway ?
Kaiser Hui Hui Hey Hey Goodbye <33333
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