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EVO Island Life Install Tutorial
Welcome to the Evolution Gaming website!

To see our list of servers, visit our "EVO Server List" up on the toolbar.

Take a look at our "Server Rules", by clicking the rules tab on the toolbar.

If you require any assistance, feel free to contact any of our carefully picked Moderators or Administrators, or head to the Issue Rooms on our Teamspeak3 server (IP Listed Below)

We run our community based on user input, rather than what one owner wants. This is why we have four owners to make major decisions, and our user base to make decisions regarding our servers and community.

Owner Profiles:
Steam Group Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EVOLife

We encourage users to come online our TeamSpeak server to chat with Members!

Our IP is: ts3.evo-life.net

We've worked hard to make our own special modpack for our Island Life server, 

To view a tutorial on how to set-up AddonSync, click here!

If you don't need a tutorial, our Auto-Config URL is:

USA Mirror #1 (East-Coast): http://USA-1.evo-addons.net/islandlife/repo.7z
USA Mirror #2 (West-Coast): http://USA-2.evo-addons.net/islandlife/repo.7z

Europe Mirror #1: http://Euro-1.evo-addons.net/islandlife/repo.7z

Please pick the nearest server to you, this helps to give you a faster download speed as well as spreading the server load from addons to multiple servers.
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