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LucMathlin A$250 posted Jan 1, 70
Welcome to Evolution Gaming

We pride ourselves on having some of the best game servers in the world, run by an international team of dedicated hardworking staff members and filled with even harder playing community members.


Useful LinksDownloadsOwners
Server List Island Life Download (USA) Luc Mathlin
Rules http://USA-1.evo-addons.net/islandlife/repo.7z ZKB1325
Teamspeak - ts3.evo-life.net Evo 3 Life Download 'arry
AddonSync Tutorial http://usa-1.evo-addons.net/Arma3Life/.a3s/autoconfig Woods
Steam Group Island Life Download (Europe)


We Need YOU!

Woods A$100 posted 16 hours ago  -  NewsWe Need YOU

We Need You!

As most of you know every community lasts only as long as its funded, while all the staff give up their free time to work for the community without pay we sadly still have bills that need to be paid.

We have survived for a long time thanks to our amazing community who have donated money to us on a regular basis to keep us going. In return they received a wide selection of perks as a way of saying thank you.

Sadly this is no longer the case, while we now have permission to offer perks to you guys again for Arma 3 (Arma 2 no longer has perks due to BI's terms and conditions), the number of donations has decreased to an alarming level.

We have tried putting off this sort of post over the last few months as the community did its annual shuffle of players but its now at the point where we might not make it to next month.

The donation target set for each month is the minimum we need to cover our bills. We also have our Teamspeak license coming up for renewal and that's another $100+ for the year.

So this is our plea to the community to spare whatever they can to keep us going.

ZKB and I are working around the clock to make our Evo 3 Life server the best it can be and we just need you guys to stick with us.

I know that if we can all put in $10 each that we can smash that target and secure our communities future so please DONATE today!

Arma 3 Donation Perks

Woods A$100 posted Mon at 11:20  -  DonationPerksUpdate

Evolution Gaming Donations

We are pleased to announce that we have been approved to offer donation perks to our much valued supporters.

The following are our donation packages:


  • Donator Clothing


  • Donator Clothing
  • Gang Clothing


  • Donator Clothing
  • Gang Clothing
  • Gang Vest


  • Donator Clothing
  • Gang Clothing
  • Gang Vest
  • Gang Backpack


  • Donator Clothing
  • Gang Clothing
  • Gang Vest
  • Gang Backpack
  • Gang Vehicle Skins (1 Vehicle)


  • Donator Clothing
  • Gang Clothing
  • Gang Vest
  • Gang Backpack
  • Gang Vehicle Skins (2 Vehicles)
  • Custom House colour (1 House)

Please note that gang perks can only be claimed ONCE and cannot be transferred to another gang if you change gangs.

All updates will take a minimum of 1 week due to the custom nature of them. Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible when requesting clothing etc.

Anyone asking where their items are before 4 weeks have passed will not receive their rewards.

Agera $100 All I need now is 50$ more to become a 250$ donator. Now where to find that money...
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