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LucMathlin A$250 posted Jan 1, 70
Welcome to Evolution Gaming

We pride ourselves on having some of the best game servers in the world, run by an international team of dedicated hardworking staff members and filled with even harder playing community members.


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Server List Island Life Download (USA) Luc Mathlin
Rules http://USA-1.evo-addons.net/islandlife/repo.7z ZKB1325
Teamspeak - ts3.evo-life.net Evo 3 Life Download 'arry
AddonSync Tutorial http://usa-1.evo-addons.net/Arma3Life/.a3s/autoconfig Woods
Steam Group Island Life Download (Europe)


Dino Stat Wipe

Woods A$100 posted 18 hours ago  -  DinosaurNewsStat Wipe

Emita 1.5 Coming Soon

The mad scientist Max opened up his new tourist attraction Jurassic Max and it was a huge success.

For the first time in history you could see real live dinosaurs walking the earth. There were some concerns about the safety of the more dangerous dinosaurs but they were assured that the "Douwe 300 safety system" would hold them back.

They were wrong!

Within the first 10 minutes the Raptors go loose and killed everyone in sight, the police were called and under the command of the brave Captain Will Rad were eaten alive with no dinosaurs killed.

Then it was time for action, Sheriff Woods put down his tea and headed down to the park. He quickly put a stop to the onslaught and was able to rescue everyone left alive.
Just as he was getting onto the last chopper out of town the T-Rex broke free. Woods knew what he had to do and after taking a swig of tea from his hip flask he left the chopper and took on the t-rex one on one.

Brave Sheriff Woods
Now it is time to take on the remaining Raptors, all other dinosaurs have been killed and it just a matter of finishing off what is left.

This event will run until Monday night when the main server will come back up.

Please note that our addon pack is currently not available for download while its being updated. To play the stat wipe mission you will need to download the Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

Mr.Will Major Will Rad****

RIP Arma 2 Island Life

LucMathlin A$250 posted Wed at 0:32

Arma 2 Island life has been our bread and butter for the past couple years but I regret to say that it is the end of an era.

I hope you have all had great fun on our server and have some great memories from it. I have been playing on the island life mission since 2011 and have had a blast.

ZKB, Sullet, Harry and I founded this community two years ago with the idea of making something big and I think we achieved that, it’s great to see all the fun people have had on our servers.

I would like to give a huge shout out to ZKB for all his hard work he has done over the years, not only working on our mission but back on the same mission when we both worked over at TCG. ZKB has done some really great work and his skills are some of the best around (when he can be bothered to do anything.......) and I think you all have him to thank for the fun you have all had, In reality my job of looking after the servers (shouting for fucks sake what cunt has fucked it now, when I get a phone call at 2 am saying the servers down at peak times and needs fixing) is really easy compared to what ZKB has done for us. Cheers you faggot.

I hope all you die hard arma 2 fans can move over to our new arma 3 server. Also big thanks to woods for his hard work, took him a while to figure it out but he has it nailed. I hold my cup of tea up for you, you wanker :)

I hope you all have had a great two years with us and I look forward to our next chapter.

P.S. I think my logos are way better than the crap woods makes.....

Ryan $25 Island Life did not originate in 2013 =)
The_Sniper RIP Island Life..... Loved those intense moments
zkb1325 A$10 It's possible that Chernarus Life could pop up for a weekend in the future.
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