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LucMathlin A posted Mar 15, 15
Welcome to Evolution Gaming

We pride ourselves on having some of the best game servers in the world, run by an international team of dedicated hardworking staff members and filled with even harder playing community members.


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ENN @ 10

Mr.Will posted 6 hours ago  -  ENN @ 10ILPDNews

Early Saturday morning, Cicada police organized a stakeout at a popular gas station. During the stakeout Officer Jorge witnessed an armed robbery from his undercover vehicle parked outside.

After the suspect drove off Officer Jorge, Sheriff Cody89, and Officer Drewdawg chased the suspect up and down the highway until they managed to stop and apprehend the suspect who was later identified as Mr.Franklin.

We were not able to speak with any detectives due to an incident involving turtle poaching.

Mr.Franklin has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

ENN @ 10

Quad A$100 posted Mar 19, 15  -  ENN @ 10ILPDNews

Early wednesday morning, Cicada police detectives were sent to an abandoned scene at a high poaching area. They arrived to left over gear and vehicles that were used to obtain over 1 million dollars worth of turtle. The large scale operation went on for many hours starting late tuesday night, all the way into early morning wednesday.

We were not able to speak to any detectives on scene, however, we were able to speak with Sgt. Planet afterwards regarding this incident.

"We were not able to apprehend any of the suspects on scene, however we feel strong that this is the work of a popular street gang that goes by the name of The Devil’s Cartel."

Word on the street is that the leader of the gang, The Devil's Cartel, MSR Rifle is currently laying low to let the heat pass.

DeputyDan $1K DONATOR ha what a coincidence, after planet n boosh left pd, i was by myself and did another bust @ turtle but only busted two p ...
RyaN $25 Lol wish the swat could do this more often.
MsRRifle Shizz This Got on the news I gotta stay low for a long while

SRU Training Live!

Quad A$100 posted Mar 17, 15  -  ILPDSRU

SRU training is live!

We now have a fully up and operational training server to train and test the incoming SRU candidates.

Instructors will post here: SRU Training Dates with the details of when next they will be training.

If you have any questions or want additional information for the training you can refer to this post: “SRU Training

ENN @ 10

Woods A$100 posted Mar 16, 15  -  ILFDILPDNews

ENN @ 10

Today saw Officers and ESU Medics working to save the life of a very troubled young man.

The man was found standing in the middle of the road by the main hotel in town. Luckily officers were already there performing a patrol and quickly moved the man out of the road before he could come to harm.

The officers tried their best to reason with the man but it was clear early on that the man needed help. The officers restrained the man for his own safety and transported him to the local hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital it became apparent that the funding promised by the Governor had not come through and they were forced to use the fire station opposite as it had power. Sadly again due to budget shortfalls the medics had no beds or ways to restrain the man for his safety so the officers stayed on scene to provide assistance.

While we can not name the patent for legal reasons, Koda Papalato's parents said their son was doing well and they wanted time to process the whole incident.

We spoke with the Head of Emergency Services and he had this to say:

Today we saw how well our emergency services can cope in high stress situations that require the gental touch. Its a shame that the funding has yet to come through and I hope that incidents like this dont happen again. I wish to thank all of the ESU and Police Officers involved. - Woods

MasGamer Productions $100 See the BMW M5, That is me. I blocked The Road off so no would see the horrors ahead, He Jumped Again At The Pharmacy.
Sgt Foster This was good fun, ESU def need more stuff and a proper hospital!
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