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Welcome to Evolution Gaming

We pride ourselves on having some of the best game servers in the world, run by an international team of dedicated hardworking staff members and filled with even harder playing community members.


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Luc Mathlin
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Specialist Training

Woods $100 posted Tue at 2:57  -  ILPDNewsTrainingUpdate
Specialist Training

Today we are please to announce that the ILPD Academy is open, it is open Police Academy Students who have completed their Entry Test and feel they have what it takes to join the ranks of the Sheriff Department. The Sheriff department is a small team of specialist Deputy's who work together to police the far reaches of the island. The Sheriff Training is second to none and will prepare you for almost anything life on the island can throw at you.
Please click here for more information.

Teamspeak Maintenance

Woods $100 posted Jan 21, 15  -  NewsTeamspeak

Our main Teamspeak server is Back Online!

Our server went down in the early hours of the morning due to a payment gateway issue. Thankfully this was identified and fixed and our Teamspeak is now back online.

While our main gaming servers were not affected we would like to thank you all for bearing with us during the down time.
MasGamer Productions $100 #BlameEveryone360NoScope240BlazeIt
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Cicada V1.5

Woods $100 posted Jan 10, 15  -  NewsUpdate
Cicada V1.5
Today We launch our latest update, some of the changes are:
  • Added an Ipad to replace most menus.
  • Added new messaging/phone system.
  • 311 messages will be sent over global and are for non emergency such as needing a repair.
  • 911 messages will be sent to both Cops and ESU.
  • Added Internet to access new and old things.
  • Also added search function.
  • If you go to a web page and get an error then either you are not suppose to access it or you are missing something.
  • Some things require your Ipad to be jail broken I'll leave it up to the players to figure out how and were and what it affects.
  • Added both Legal and Illegal app store to purchase apps.
For a complete list of changes please check the Change Log

Interactive Christmas

Woods $100 posted Dec 29, 14  -  ChristmasFunInteractive
Interactive Christmas

Have you ever wanted some amazing lights on the outside of your house but don't have the money...or a house?
Well Evolution Gaming has your covered!

With the new Evo Control Center (ECC) you can:
  • Turn Lights on/off
  • Watch the outside of a house in real time
  • Send messages to the monitor
This system is active at night (GMT) so check back regularly to see when its online.
To visit the ECC please Click Here
More features coming soon!

Staff Promotion

Woods $100 posted Dec 26, 14  -  NewsStaff Promotion
Evo Staff Room
Upper management decided a while ago that we needed additional help to support busy times such as the festive season, we have spent the last couple weeks reviewing all possible candidates until we had a unanimous decision to promote Curphey. Curphey has showed that he has the greatest work ethic and only wants to better the community.
Louis Litt $50 Thats dope.

Teamspeak Status

Woods $100 posted Dec 22, 14  -  Teamspeak
Teamspeak Status
Earlier today the main Teamspeak server crashed and left the community unable to contact each other for some time.
During the down time the community rallied together and we were able to make use of other people's servers.

The staff team would like to thank everyone who helped out and helped keep us going.

We are now back on our normal server:

We would like to apologize for the downtime and thank you all for sticking with us.

Cicada V1.4.8 Update

Woods $100 posted Dec 19, 14  -  Game Update
Cicada V1.4.8
Today we launch our latest update, some of the changes are:
  • Added Santa skin to clothing shop for civs only.
  • Added Santa Sleigh to air shop.
  • Fixed crime log text for escaping jail and drug searching.
  • Fixed/decreased the chance for the pick up option to glitch out.
  • Fixed vice getting glitched out when changing clothes.
  • Removed force first person on foot.
For a complete list of changes please check the change log
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