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LucMathlin A$250 posted Jan 1, 70
Welcome to Evolution Gaming

We pride ourselves on having some of the best game servers in the world, run by an international team of dedicated hardworking staff members and filled with even harder playing community members.


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Server List Luc Mathlin
Rules ZKB1325
Teamspeak - ts3.evo-life.net USA Mirror #2 (West Coast) 'arry
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Woods A$100 posted Sat at 7:28  -  EmitaVictoryVote

Emita Wins the Vote

As predicted Emita has won the new map vote with a landslide victory!

Thank you to everyone who voted, your input helps shape your community. Now the development team will be hard at work to get us over to the old faithful.

Monkey apparently people dont understand stop asking. i would like to enjoy the change but if u keep asking im gona be 30 befor ...
Lincoln Burrows $25 Me and cyber are in this video im in the woodlander camo xD
Anthony So, now I must ask. What is the deadline for this being inputted? Are we thinking the next stat reset or what?

Peace on Cicada

Woods A$100 posted Fri at 0:19  -  NewsPeaceUnited Nations

United Nations

After many days of hard negotiations the UN has managed to broker peace between the US and Russia. In the peace deal the US retain control of the island while giving 50% of all oil and gas rights to Russia.

With the new peace deal in place and all military forces now removed from the island the residents are slowly returning to the island.

The UN, as part of the deal, will keep a small peace keeping force on the island to ensure that pro Russian and pro US citizens do not clash and create and further loss of life.

Those citizens wishing to return to the island will need to update their passport "addons" using the "addon sync" system.

Nathman $25 "Those citizens wishing to return to the island will need to update their passport "addons" using the &qu ...
Agera $100 Yolo the war is over
Razz Neat!
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